SMU以合作的模式去運行。我們的團隊是針對項目來組成,這將保證團隊是以一種有效,靈活,創新的模式對應每個項目的需求。 SMU重點合作成員來自不同国家地域,通過他們各自不同的專業背景(包括建築,室內設計,互動設計,文化專家和博物館專家),帶來國際視野和廣闊的前景。

SMU operates with a collaborative structure with 2 founders, Geraldine Lo and Torsten Radunski. Our team is highly project specific. This guarantees a most effective, flexible and creative model to tackle any given project requirement. The Studio has an international and broad outlook with our international Collaborators from diverse fields in architecture, interior, interactive design, cultural scientist, museologist.


Geraldine Lo 盧家穎

建築師 (德國註冊)

Architect (register in Germany - Architects Chamber Berlin) 

盧家穎(2003 建築學士)在美國的俄勒岡大學開始學習研究建築,並在倫敦大學學院(UCL, Bartlett)巴特利特學院拿到 (2009建築碩士) ,在倫敦時她用電影作為媒體來研究她的建築主張。她曾作為HG Merz建築博物館設計事務所擔任建築設計師和創意總監負責所有亞洲的項目。她著重於建築,博物館設計理念的發展,文化內容,創造商業以及文化品牌的新概念。憑藉她多年在國際建築和博物館設計的經驗,她擅長制定適應不同城市和文化背景的設計方案。

她為SMU帶來了從丹尼爾·裡伯斯金 (Daniel Libeskind),諾曼·福斯特 (Norman Foster)和MAD國際經驗。她的重點項目包括德國德累斯頓軍事歷史博物館(2004-2011),北京三里屯奔馳ME 店,北京奔馳博物館等等。

Geraldine lo (ka wing) began her architectural studies at University of Oregon (B.ARCH 2003), and continued at the bartlett school of architecture, University College London (M.ARCH 2009) where she used film as a medium for her architectural proposition. She worked as an Architect | Creative Director at hg merz architect museum designer heading all projects in Asia. Her focus is on museum architecture and developing design concepts and cultural content for museums and works on new forms of brand presentations. With her many years of experience in the international architectural and museum area, she is apt to develop solutions that are tailored to the urban and cultural context. 

She brings international experience from Studio Daniel Libeskind, Norman Foster and MAD. Her key projects include the Military History Museum in Dresden, Germany, which opened in 2011 and Mercedes-Benz Cultural Centre in Beijing. 

Torsten Radunski

建築師 (德國註冊)

Architect (register in Germany - Architects Chamber Berlin) 

Torsten Radunski 畢業於德國柏林工業大學建築系。
通過家具製作開始了他在設計界的生涯,非常注重卓越的細節和工藝。在荷蘭工作的經驗,他受到“功能驅動空間形式”和“嬉鬧的”荷蘭設計思路影響。在倫敦和北京福斯特事務所(FOSTER + PARTNERS)的期間,他擁有了許多高規格設計水平的建築經驗,並完美的體現於他設計的各種尖端住宅及商業項目中。工作於柏林和北京兩地,他除了負責設計,還兼管理與重要客戶的聯絡溝通,包括CAPITA LAND,萬達,德國城市規劃局。從創立SMU設計工作室後,TORSTEN帶領SMU在德國波恩的聯合國德國辦公大樓國際比賽中入圍最後階段,擊敗了全球超過400個建築設計事務所。

Torsten Radunski studied Architecture at TU Berlin, Germany. He began his profession in design through furniture making. Excellence in details and craftsmanship are especially important to him. From working in Holland, he became influenced by the Dutch design mentality of the function-driven-form and its playfulness. During the time at Foster + Partners in London and Beijing, he gained a lot of experience with high-spec buildings at an outstanding design level. The experience allowed him to implement cutting edge design on various residential and commercial projects. He is experienced in supervising complex projects in architecture from their design concept stage, planning and realisation. Working in Berlin and Beijing, he was in charge of design, management and collaboration with important clients, such as Capita Land, Wanda, German City Planning Department.
He co-founded SMU with Geraldine and since had led the Studio into the final stage of the international competition for the United Nation Campus in Bonn Germany, beating out over 400 design studios worldwide.

 團隊 Team

( in alphabetical order)

Felix C Lam

Sara Jing Ping Lu

Sofia Morawski

Fillipo Muzzi

Liang Zhou