Space Modification Unit (SMU)為私人客戶和機構提供一系列廣泛的服務,其中包括我們的核心業務-建築和室內設計,以及博物館策劃,展覽設計,功能分析和市場定位研究。
SMU由兩位建築設計師Torsten Radunski和盧家穎創立,他們擁有在國際知名的建築事務所的設計經驗。

從成立SMU的一年内,事務所打入聯合國德國總部設計的辦公大樓國際設計比賽中的決賽階段和獲得2個Architizer A+大奖,項目并在Dezeen,Domus,意大利公司Elle Decor,安邸等多個國際重點設計媒體發布。我們的北京新媒體雙年展的展览设计将于2017年在德国AV藝術出版社的設計年鑑發布。











Space Modification Unit (SMU) offers a broad range of services intended both for private clients and institutions; these include the business core in architectural and interior design, as well as branding, gallery planning and exhibition design, analysis and programming. 

SMU was founded by Torsten Radunski and Geraldine Ka Wing Lo. They both have design experience in internationally renowned design studios on high profile projects. Since its founding, SMU has designed and completed projects in Beijing and was a finalist for the United Nation Headquarter in Bonn, Germany and Winner of 2 Architizer A+ Award. Our projects have been features on numerous international design press, including Dezeen, Domus, Elle Decor Italia, Architecture Digest China + Russian, AV Edition's Trade Show and Exhibition Annual.

Architecture + Interior Design

As trained architects and craftsman, our work pivots around architecture and design. The design of space, from feasibility studies, concept design to detail design through overseeing full documentation and realisation, is the heart of SMU.

Project Management

We provide project management, design development consultation, on site artistic direction service on behalf of private client as well as international architecture studio with projects in China + Hong Kong.

Exhibition Design

We approach exhibition design as an innovative collaboration. We begin with researching the story of a given topic and objective as well as conversations with experts to form a curatorial narrative. Spatial interpretation is then come into life to envision the concept objective in spatial design and technical planning.

Programming & Tactics

We evaluate existing conditions and the development potential of the site. We propose program briefs with a conceptual frameworks that could be applied and reinterpreted throughout the design process for the physical space and operation.


Architecture is a key element in rural and urban development alike. It plays a strong role in reinvigorating its surroundings, anchoring new region, as well as putting a place on a Map.

We respect history and preserve heritage. We also believe in progression and make development for the future. We study each assignment in its local and regional context in order to position to achieve the clients goal.