Scandal 酒吧


beijing, China | 中国北京

200 SQM 平方米



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At “Scandal” Gin and Rum cocktails take Centre Stage.

The Bar is located in Beijing’s Sanlitun Area, tucked away in a side road behind one of its humongous urban blocks. As the oddball in a cluster of Japanese restaurants, this latest addition to Beijing’s bar scene attracts a young and trendy crowd.

The design is inspired by the classic order, their proportions, layering and symmetry but striping down most of their exuberant details to create a contemporary space.
contemporary space.

Patrons arriving are greeted in the lobby that transitions into the main space. The generous ceiling height of the main space is owed to its former function as a workshop. The design accentuates this rare spatial quality by stretching a mirror above the bar showpiece onto the central ceiling, visually increasing the height. 

The main floor is dominated by black marble and white jade stone to the datum height. From there on up, Indian Snow and Apple Green Marble, Brass, Velvet and Shades of Green complete with a dash of mustard yellow complete the material palette.

Behind the Arcade is the second floor Loggia, which is mimicked by mirror on the opposite wall to achieve visual symmetry and depth. The added mezzanine structure ties the main floor closer to the loggia and creates a balance of spatial layers. The mezzanine is fitted with a removable balustrade and can be transformed into a performance stage with a projection surface as backdrop. Both, Loggia and mezzanine level, cater specifically for small to medium sized groups and semi-private functions.