new taipei city, taiwan | 台湾新台市

50,000 SQM 平方米

international competition | 國際比赛


Located on a prominent site along the Dahan River and the entrance to Yingge City, the museum occupies a significant place on the axial route from Taipei, the main train Station and its surrounding cultural area. Yingge area has rich Ceramic culture and special geological quality. Visitors arrive into Yingge and see the museum as the city’s gate and landmark.

The building provides a symbolic form, which brings a focus to its location and represents the city. The Museum paid tributes to Yingge, by resembling the kiln of the ceramic factories and using building materials that are locally sourced. Layers of graded soil, taken from the site are layered into shuttering and compressed using hydraulic rams. Different soil types can be combined. The finished effect is beautiful, reminiscent of geological formations of the site and its rock formation at the river bank.

The museum consists of three components - the towers, the open central space, and the podium. The vertical elements house the Art Museum, the Children Museum, and the Non-Gallery public components. The central space acts as a foyer, urban plaza, and event space for various scale installations.