Shanghai, cn | 上海

1000 SQM 平方米

Interior Design: CINKER x Space Modification Unit

LOCAL Executive Interior DESIGN: Verve Studio

Project Team: Geraldine Lo, Torsten Radunski, Nico Yan, Cola Song, Penzo Cao, Yumi Yu, Ted Zhang




Similar to CINKER PICTURES in Beijing, CINKER PICTURES Shanghai (CPSH) has created a transformative art space, combining boutique theatre with a relaxed wining and dining experience. Garden by CINKER PICTURES, equipped with an open-air cinema will give visitors a unique outdoor experience right in the heart of Shanghai.

CPSH’s design concept is inspired by the design of the futuristic chic of the last century as well as contemporary artist like Leo Villareal.

With main materials like terrazzo, velour, brush metal, that reminisces of the past glam. The space is divided in 5 zones, Lounge, Bar, Restaurant, Cinema, and a Gallery. The oerall Colour Scheme is a modification based upon the Cinker signature Pink, with complementary green tone and harmonic sand tone. Patrons are greeted with this familiar Cinker Pink upon arrival. Through an infinite tunnel made of faceted mirror surfaces, one is transition into the lounge. The Bar area is fitted with a media light sculpture that creates various light show through out the night. Banquette area across the bar provides an intimate spot amid the crowd.

The Lounge Area and Dinner area serve the same function for wine and dine. The different type of seating in these areas offer guests options to fit their mood and group.

Unlike traditional theatres, the cinema breaks the boring pattern and crowded feel of traditional cinemas through focus on design and quality. With an emphasis on 26 comfortable adjustable sofas, the widened space between independent seats ensures a luxurious and tranquil viewing experience. Small tables placed between seats have been designed for cocktails and snacks, which fits perfectly between movie plots. Fitted with BARCO digital projector and QSC professional audio equipment, CPSH presents a perfect harmony of audio and visual effects for our viewers.

The Gallery is fitted with a light ceiling that can doubled as projection surface. With the mirror surfaces, one could immense itself within an audio-visual performance.